About Nipz

David and Heather created Nipz Pads in 2015 with the birth of their youngest son, Ethan, and a husband’s attempt to find an alternative to the traditional bra-and-nursing-pad contraption. With their third child on the way, David, an entrepreneur, sought to find a product for his wife that would not be so prohibitive to intimacy during the days of breastfeeding soon upon them. However, after finding no such product on the baby market, David and Heather decided to develop their own product for themselves and for others in the same situation.

Our values are to promote families, to support breastfeeding, to provide a healthy and safe product, and to enjoy the journey together. It’s not often that a husband-and-wife partnership works out, but we’ve enjoyed creating Nipz together by marrying Heather’s experience with David’s business acumen. Together, we’ve hopefully created something that helps couples have fun together in the midst of what can often be a challenging season of life.

Heather is an avid tennis player, a former tennis coach, and a former PE teacher. David is a software developer and entrepreneur.