5 Ways to Wear Nipz

All breast-pads are NOT created equal is obvious when it comes to Nipz. Nipz are popular among nursing moms, but they are also gaining popularity with non-lactating women. Here are a few ways they are being used…

Evening Gowns

If you own a backless evening dress or one with a deep neck line, Nipz Pads can easily be used in place of your strapless bra. The padded hearts provide plenty of nipple coverage to prevent nipples from showing through fabric.


The main reason Nipz was created. Are you and your partner tired of ending an intimate session soaked in breast milk? Simply stick on a pair of Nipz before you are intimate, and enjoy your time without worrying about leaking.

Bathing Suits

Headed to the beach or pool in your cut new bathing suit, and you don’t want to stain the fabric with breast milk? Don’t forget to bring along a few pairs of Nipz and wear them under your bathing suit. This will prevent stains and the smell of breast milk on your new suit!


After a long day of work, it feels so good to get home and ‘release our friends’. With Nipz Pads, you can take off your bra and stick on a pair of Nipz under a comfy t-shirt or sweatshirt. No bra needed.


As a new mom, sleep is rare. When you finally do get to sleep, you don’t want a bra to keep you tossing and turning. Ditch the bra, and slip on a pair of Nipz for a good nights rest.