Nipz Pads for the stylish breastfeeding momBraless, disposable and attractive nursing padsSafe, self-adhesive, smooth to the touch

Nipz Braless Nursing Pads

Nipz Pads are for breastfeeding moms who don’t want to let bras and traditional nursing pads inhibit your freedom. With Nipz, you can go braless and stay dry.  

About Nipz

David and Heather created Nipz Pads in 2015 with the birth of their youngest son, Ethan, and a husband’s attempt to find an alternative to the traditional bra-and-nursing-pad contraption. With their third child on the way, David, an entrepreneur, sought to find a product for his wife that would not be so prohibitive to intimacy […]

5 Ways to Wear Nipz

All breast-pads are NOT created equal is obvious when it comes to Nipz. Nipz are popular among nursing moms, but they are also gaining popularity with non-lactating women. Here are a few ways they are being used… Evening Gowns If you own a backless evening dress or one with a deep neck line, Nipz Pads […]